HT 04/16 - HT 450/17,
HT 04/18 - HT 40/18

Volume: 4 - 450  L
max. Temp.: 1800 C

High-temperature furnace, free-standing version, fibre insulation, MOSi2 heating elements, sturdy, professional design, can be used also in production, cooling system, exhaust air system, purging air preheating etc. on request.

Leaflet C1_10

Glass plate test kiln
N 40/14
Volume: 40 L
max. Temp.: 1400 C

This kiln was designed to different types of glass plates such as fire protection glass.

Modifications possible.

Leaflet C1_10

High-temperature furnace, insulated with
lighweight refractory bricks
HFL 16/16

Volume: 16 L
max. Temp.: 1600 C

The HFL 16/16 model was expecially developed for processes in which the fibre insulation could be heavily attacked or even destroyed by aggressive gases and vapours. Thus the furnaces is ideal for glass melting tests.

Leaflet C1_10



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