Household Gas Leak Detector

Gas Leakage Detector & Automatic brake

Digital Gas Detector and Transmitter

Multi-channel Gas Leak Monitor

Household Gas Leak Detector
Model No. JDT-220/DS-220 JDD-12/DS-12(DC TYPE)

Product features:

- Easy to install
- Compact and Simple design
- Protection against electromagnetic wave
- Backup battery for electricity cutoff (option)

Gas Leakage Detector & Automatic brake
Model No.:  JF-Series

Product features:

- Easy to install
- Powerful output to increase the torque of shut-off
- Low operating sound.

Product Composition

This system is composed of detector, controller and shut-off part.

Detector: Detects the gas leakage and transfer signal to the controller.

Controller: Receives the detecting signal and supply and control the electric power of shut-off part.

Shut-off part: Open and close the gas valve by the signal from the controller.

Digital Gas Detector and Transmitter
Product features:

- Fan/Alarm relay contact (DY-701D)
- (4-20mA) Transmitter (DY-702DA)
- Digital Display (DY-730CA)
- Suitable for Underground Parking lots in PLC system
- Available combustible gas, toxic gas


Gas Sampling Mode: Electro-Chemical Sensor, Catalytic-Oxidation.

Detecting Gas: CO, CO2, O2 and other toxic gas

Installation: Stand alone

Detecting Range:
CO : 0-100,200,300,500ppm
CO2: 0-3000,5000ppm, 0-100%
O2 : 0-100%

Power Source and Consumption: AC/DC 24V, 5W

Operation Display: Green LED lamp on

Alarm Type: 2 Steps( Low/High), LED Lamp(Red/Yellow) on and Buzzer Sound.

Response Time: Within 10 seconds

Stabilizing Time: About 1 minute after power-on

Dimension: 45(L)mm x 90(W)mm x 145(H)mm

Application: Underground Parking lots, Building, Apartment, Office, School, Restaurant etc

Operating Temperature, Humidity: -20 ~ +50 degree C, 0 to 85% RH

Connection Cable: VCT or CWS 0.75 ~ 2.0 ? (8 wires)

Multi-channel Gas Leak Monitor


Product features:

- Monitoring the leakage of several kinds of gases spontaneously in a industrial place.

- Alarm system consists of two stage, High/Low, in order for user to set the alarm ranges according to special environment of factory.

- Providing 4~20mA standard output signal for other Control Device.

- Detecting Part have two type , Diffusion and Auto-Suction, according to Gas Sampling Mode.


- Monitoring Part -

Gas Sampling Mode: Diffusion type, Suction type

Principle of Detection: Catalytic-Oxidation, Thermo-linear Semiconductor, Electro-Chemical.

Detecting Gas: Combustible Gases-LNG,LPG,CH4,....

Toxic Gases- CO,NH3,.......

Power Source: AC110/220V, 60Hz

Detecting Range: 0~100% of LEL, PPMs

Response Time: within 20 sec

Output Signal: 4-20mA

Alarm Output : HIGH, LOW(2 Point Alarm)

Alarm Indications: Visual(LED) & Audible(Buzzer)

Connection Cable: CVV & CVVS 1.25sq x 3 Wires

Operating Temp./Humidity: -20?~+50?, 95%RH

- Detecting Part A. -

Model: DS-2400D

Gas Sampling Mode: Diffusion, Suction

Principle of Detection: Catalytic-Oxidation,Thermo-linear Semiconductor, Electro-Chemical Cell.

Detecting Range: 0~100% LEL, PPMs

Operating Temp.: -30 to 50 degree C

Weight: 1.05Kg

Structur of Explosion-Proof:d2G4

- Detecting Part B -

Model: DS-2400S

Gas Sampling Mode: Automatic Suction.

Principle of Detection: Catalytic-Oxidation, Thermo-linear Semiconductor, Electro-Chemical Cell.

Detecting Range: 0~100%LEL, PPMs.

Operating Temp.: -30?~+50?

Power Source of Pump: AC 24V, DC 24V

Suction Flux: 2.5 liter/min

Structur of Explosion-Proof: d2G4



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